Reimagining the way hard to find fashion items are sourced

Taking a founders brilliant idea and helping to make it a digital reality that is now growing across the globe
Sourcewhere is the first fashion sourcing app, a place to find and request the beautiful things people are looking for - past and present, new and pre-owned.  Powered by a network of personal shoppers, sales advisors, and private collectors, it connects buyers to those who can access in-demand and timeless items, so that people source fewer, better pieces that they keep forever.

Erica, the brilliant mind behind Sourcewhere, drew upon her experience in the luxury fashion industry to identify a gap in the market. She witnessed fashion enthusiasts investing countless hours in the pursuit of on-trend items that were no longer readily available. This insight ignited the idea of a better solution.

Testing her concept firsthand, Erica ventured into buying and selling through various platforms, including WhatsApp groups and Instagram. The process resembled a digital frontier rather than the refined world of luxury fashion. Trust was paramount, yet secure payment options were scarce, and communication between buyers and sellers was often ad hoc and cumbersome.

This is where the idea for the Sourcewhere app comes in. Through an app, buyers and sellers could forge trusted connections, communicate seamlessly, and, most importantly, source the fashion treasures their hearts desired.

We met Erica, as this app idea was forming. We were instantly drawn to her passion, her deep fashion knowledge, and the sheer potential of her idea. We knew we could add something valuable to the mix: our tech expertise. We're the guys who know how to design, build, and scale successful platforms. So together, we were like a fashion-tech dream team.

The rest, as they say, is history. We joined forces with Erica and her awesome Sourcewhere crew to bring this wonderful app to life. But the story doesn't end there – Erica grew into an amazing leader, soaked up all the tech and design wisdom she could, and built her own team of fashion and digital experts. Now, they're taking over the fashion world one sourced item at a time, and we couldn't be prouder of our journey together.

Impact in focus

We created a digital product that contains

Lots of potential products on which to match
A innovative mechanism that allows buyers and sellers to match with each other to find and receive items
A platform that facilitates the payment and delivery of the items
A public facing website to communicate the value of Sourcewhere to its customers

Which reaches


Stars App Store rating



And aims to help them by

Seamlessly match and organise the sourcing of an item across the globe
Request the sourcing of hard to find items
Request the sourcing of hard to find items

Across the following countries

United States
United Kingdom
Duties included
UX research
Workshop facilitation
User story mapping
Front end development
UX/UI design
Backlog management
Concept design
Digital product strategy
Back end development
Digital analytics

People in focus

Technology in focus

Source: Respond in a 1-1 sourcing chat to discuss the details of your find and pay securely.
Request: Place a request on-the-go for the item you are searching for, present or past.
Discover: Browse rare, timeless and most desired finds available from the network.

Other cases

Unlocking the power of digital impact measurement for funders and change makers
Empowering nonprofits to use technology so that they can focus on their impact work

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