Unlocking the power of digital impact measurement for funders and change makers

Realising the founders vision for a digital platform that helps funders and change makers to understand their impact

Welcome to Foundgood, a platform collecting data for measuring and understanding impact. Foundgood provides a user-friendly platform that empowers organisations to demystify their work, breaking it down into manageable parts to answer the 'what' and 'why' of their endeavours.

Now, meet Hanne, the dynamo founder of Foundgood. She's got a background as a strategy whiz at Accenture and filled her bags with insights from the foundation world working at Mærsk. Hanne had this brilliant vision and saw a golden opportunity to bring funders and change makers together: through a common way of measuring the impact of their remarkable initiatives. Her vision was about making organisations better at understanding what works best and also about fostering transparency, accountability, and the sharing of impact across various impact areas.

But of course, there were hurdles to overcome. What's the most valuable part of impact management for civil society? How do you convince the first funders and change makers to hop on board? What does this whole digital thing look like, anyway? In which countries does this make the most sense? How on earth do you measure impact across such a diverse bunch of foundations and change makers?

Our paths crossed with Hanne as she was wrestling with many of these questions. She was knee-deep in scribbles, notes, slides, and brainstorming sessions. Back then, we were part of the HelloGreatWorks team, and little did we know that Foundgood would turn into one of Elsewheres most treasured, enlightening, and long-lasting partnerships. Not to mention one of the reasons that we started Elsewhere in the first place.

After initially working together with Hanne to turn her ideas into a proof of concept, we embarked on a remarkable five year journey. Along that journey we engaged with some of the largest funders and change makers on the planet. We delved deep into the intricate workings of civil society impact and all the models and frameworks it had to offer.

Together, we designed and built a platform that is both refreshingly easy to use and incredibly powerful. Trust us; it was one of the most complex projects we've ever tackled, not only technologically, but in terms of change management and digital transformation, we couldn’t be more proud of what we achieved.

Impact in focus

We created a digital product that contains

A common data model on which all of civil society can measure impact
Customisable data collection to fit different impact area needs
Customisable reports for different foundation needs
Data visualisation of portfolio impact

Which reaches


Impact funders


Grant recipients


Impact initiatives

700 Billion +

DKK in funding reported on


SDGs supported

And aims to help them

Change makers to report to funders more easily
Funders to be more transparent about the impact they create
Make foundation processes focr collecting impact ofr effective
Improved story telling of impact for grantees and funders

Working with

3 × elsewhere employees
7 × elsewhere freelancers
3 × Foundgood employees
2 × Novo Nordisk Foundation stakeholders

Across the following countries


Some kind words from Foundgood

Hanne Brinch
Founder & CEO - Foundgood
Elsewhere has helped Foundgood grow from a visionary idea to a powerful platform. The founders Billy and Luke have been instrumental in this journey and they are fantastic people, always 110% dedicated, very skilled, super honest and so fun to work with. They have made tough times as a tech start up durable and good times even more enjoyable. If you want the strategic advice and hands-on execution always to be in sync - go Elsewhere :)"

Our journey

The time we spent together

5 years

The projects we worked on together
7 × burst projects
5 × bloom projects
May 2018
Jun 2018
Aligning on a vision: Researching impact and vision concept work
Duties included
Impact research
Customer research
Concept design
July 2018
August 2018
Feedback from impact funders on the vision concept
Sep 2018
Dec 2018
Coding an MVP: Design and build a pilot for a beta test group of funders and change makers to use
Duties included
Product strategy
UX research
Backend development
Front end development
UX/UI design
Data modelling
January 2019
December 2019
Gather feedback on the first version
Jan 2020
Apr 2020
Turn Insights into features - Improve the platform with more quantitative data collection
Duties included
Product ownership
User Research
Backend development
Front end development
UX/UI design
Data modelling
May 2020
December 2020
Listen and understand usage for the next version
Jan 2021
Apr 2021
Ready for scale - Build a more sustainable and modular systems architecture and design
Duties included
Product strategy
Design systems
Backend development
User story mapping
Front end development
UX/UI design
May 2021
December 2021
Listen and understand usage for the next version
Jan 2022
January 2023
Add more funders - Broaden the scope to add more funders to the platform
Duties included
Product strategy
Service design
User story mapping
Data modelling
Front end development
UX/UI design
Jan 2023
Mar 2023
Learn from funders on where to improve
Mar 2023
Jun 2023
Realign the vision: Insight gathering and vision work to understand what to scope next
Duties included
Product strategy
User research
Service design
Insight gathering
Digital Product management
Aug 2023
Dec 2023
The next release: Experience design improvements and advanced configuration coding
Duties included
Product strategy
Backend development
User story mapping
Data modelling
Front end development
UX/UI design

People in focus

People outcomes we feel most proud of

Understanding a diverse set needs across large and small funders and change makers
Creating bespoke expert elsewhere teams depending on the project
Supported a corporate strategist in  becoming the founder of a tech startup

Technology in focus

Visualisation of an organisations portfolio of impact
Change makers are able to capture all the information about the work they are doing in a logical and structured way focussed on their area of impact
Funders are able to follow the progress of an initiative in a quantitative and qualitative way, to better understand the impact their funding has across their entire portfolio.
An underlying standard way to compare impact across any initiative

Other cases


Empowering nonprofits to use technology so that they can focus on their impact work


Reimagining how people source hard to find fashion items

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